I'm looking for new challenges!

I am a promising newcomer in the commercial industry. During my studies I have managed to gather a relatively comprehensive amount of experience in different working environments, projects, people and communities. Thanks for my interaction skills and opportunity seizing attitude, I have found my calling in business. The trail I leave doesn’t only consist of personal achievements, but also growth as a team. I do, however, have the situational awareness to also spot the opportunity for quick decisions and action. With instructive critizism and fluent organization, the final result correlates the given instructions with an icing of detail.

In my free time I actively follow the trends in consumer technology, socialize and commit to a variety of projects often including technology in some sort of form. My podcast and audio book libraries are growing steadily and help me relax. When travelling I like to leave room for the unexpected, so you won’t be able to find me in a guided tour.


Curriculum Vitae



2016 –

JKsellings Oy
Sales Team Leader

JKsellings Oy is a company specialising in obtaining customers and sales promotion for their customer companies.
I recruited, trained and maintained a B2C sales team of up to eight people.

B2C & B2B sales
Recruiting and dismissal
Training new employees (B2C sales)
Personal sales target
Graphic design for sales support

2015 – 2016

Tmi Härmä Tommi

Out of interest for entrepreneurship I worked a while as a sole proprietor alongside of studies. I was later hired by my customer company as sales team leader.

Celectus Oy
Sales person

I worked as a B2C sales representative for Finland’s biggest electricity company Fortum.

2012 – 2014

Teollisuuden Voima Oy
Summer trainee from May to August

I worked in quality control at Olkiluoto 3 – nuclear plant project. My responsibility was to build an easy access database for a cableing project and collect data for the database.



BBA in International Business
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Education in English
Management Consulting
International Tutoring


BSc in International Business
The University of Salford
Salford Business School

A double degree programme in Manchester, England.
1st class honours
A member of the European culture society

2011 – 2014

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
94 cr from electrical and IT engineering.


Secondary School Graduate
Ulvila Secondary School

Diploma in music
Voluntary finals in communication
NY Year as an Etrepreneur – study programme
Mac OS X
Microsoft Office Suite
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Finnish (native)

Other notable skills
Written Communication



I have designed websites for occasional customers. As a tool I use WordPress, which is the most popular website management system used in 2018. With my expertise I’m able to build basic websites such as mine and know how to work with web hosting and mailboxes. I have also dipped my toe in Shopify-platform and SEO. Following are some of my website builds.


Excerpts of different projects I’ve been a part of. More information available by clicking.

Entering the Finnish grocery store market

The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis was to examine what Finland is like as a target of expansion, how consumers are expected to behave, and how the competition is likely to react if another foreign grocery store chain would enter Finland, using Lidl as an example.

As a team of four people, we designed and executed a mobile game which could be played  by scanning QR-codes scattered around a local park. The purpose was to activate park goers by greating an interactive quiz experience including a scoreboard for the best players.

Third place with a topic of “Service consept for smart home creation”. Brainstorming competition organized by Tampere University of Technology.

With a team of three, we created an informative campus tour to be played with a mobile phone. The purpose of this pilot was to reduce the workload of personnel. The biggets target group were exchange students.

Group communications and presentation skills course by the national board of education. Final test with a result of ‘very good’.

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support language test (CEFR) with score of C2 in English.

Market entry research project - NeonElektro

Research project for product market entry to foreign markets. For course: International Business

• Market environment analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Market Entry analysis
• Value proposition
• Reporting
• Report presentation and market entry proposition